Marseille soaps brands often refer to animals’ names. The brand “La Cigale” perpetuate the tradition.

We invite you to authenticity, to pride by using our eco-friendly products.

Our products “La Cigale” and “Cigale Bio” will take you back to the Provençal gentle heat.

Enjoy the benefits of nature.

Creation of the Association « Savon de Marseille France » (ASDMF)

The association « Savon de Marseille France » was established in order to promote an historical manufacturing process of the […]

Shaving soap tradition comes back

Mechanical shaving, usually called “wet shaving”, gives the best result in term of efficiency and respect of the skin.

Our products exported to Japan

Since 2012, the products “Cigale Bio” are marketed in Japan through our partner, the society MITOKU. It is a mail order selling company offering a wide choice of natural products and certified organic products.

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